Sunday 19th July 2015

On our family holiday to LEGOLAND I have had a pain in my left breast.  By today it is so sore that I cannot lie on my tummy in bed.  I decide when I get home tomorrow I am going to ring and make an appointment at the Drs.

We enjoy a family day out in London.  We take the open top bus tour and the kids see all the sights of London.

We get off the bus in Piccadilly and walk to Hamley’s toy store.  We then walk down Oxford Street before getting back on the bus to go to the airport.

Its amazing how I remember all the details of that day and the days to follow.  We have a family selfie of us all on the open top bus, when I look at the photo now I think about how our lives were about to be turned upside down.  I look at all our faces and think little do you all know what lies ahead for you all.

Monday 20th  July

I ring and make an appointment to see GP, I get an appointment for Thursday morning at 9.40 or something I know it was around that time as we were all still off on holidays.

Thursday 23rd July

I get up while my husband and sons are still in bed and go to the doctors.  After examination my Dr tells me she is referring me to the breast clinic.  I left the Drs surgery and drove to the local B&Q to pick up wallpaper for my sons bedroom I had ordered.  I remember driving up the road thinking ‘I have breast cancer, I know I have’.  Thinking back I remember thinking well if I have I have I don’t remember having fear.

Tuesday 28th July

Phone call from the breast clinic to tell me I have an appointment on Thursday 30th July am.   I cant remember the specific time but it was morning.  Today is my sons 11th birthday, we have a birthday tea for him at my mums house.  I haven’t told anyone about the appointment except my husband and my sister so everyone else is oblivious.

Thursday 30th July

My mum looks after my boys while I am at work, so I leave the kids off with her and tell her I am not going into work.  I thought I better to tell her in case she rings work and I am not there and she thinks I’m off having a day to myself while she has got my kids.  I remember telling her I had an appointment at the breast clinic and that my sister was going with me.  I remember how she burst into tears I told her it was probably nothing and left to go and pick my sister up.

In a very busy breast clinic I had a physical examination, then a mammogram of both breasts which was excruciating as my left breast was still sore. I remember looking at the screen and seeing one picture being really swirly and white and the other one not.  I went back to the waiting room and was called back in for another mammogram.

I was sent back to the waiting room and was called for an ultrasound.  As I lay on the bed waiting for the radiographer to come in I remember looking up at the ceiling thinking this cant be real? why am I even lying here in this position?

The radiographer came in did an ultrasound of my left breast and told me I was free to go as it was glandular tissue and nothing to worry about.  As I was wiping the gel off my breast and getting up off the bed I remember seeing the nurse looking over at the Radiographer thinking she was trying to say something to him. Then he turned to me and said “oh you better lie back down there as we have seen something in the other breast its probably a cyst but we will have a look.”

After the ultrasound he told me he had to do a biopsy again telling me it was most likely a fibroadenoma which I have since learned is a very common benign (not cancer) breast condition which appears as a lump in the breast.

So I had the biopsy and was told the results would be back within 30-40 mins.  When I went back to the waiting room my sister was sitting on her own.  We had been at the clinic so long all other patients had been and gone and I was still there.  I think at that stage the reality hit me and I watched every move the staff made looking for clues of what this meant.

I remember seeing a Dr looking at a piece of paper and walking down the corridor and going into the radiographers rooms.  He came out a few minutes later spoke to the female Dr who had carried out my physical examination and then called me into his room.  He said “so Lynette you came here with a pain in your left breast but you have had a biopsy of your right breast, can I examine you?” so after an examination he told me that the biopsy had come back with suspicious cells and that I would have to come back on Monday for the full lab results.

I left the hospital, dropped my sister off home, went and collected the kids and told my mum I had to wait until Monday to get the results.

Friday 31st July

I went to work as normal.  I remember telling my two colleagues about the day before and we had a conversation about well if it is sure id go into hospital have a lumpectomy hopefully a blast of radio and be all right for the Christmas party!!!

Monday 3rd August

I don’t go into work today as my nerves have finally got the better of me.  The kids go to my mums and my sister and I head to the hospital for my appointment at 3.00pm.

After a wait that feels like a lifetime and thinking at one stage I was going to throw up on the carpet I get taken into a room by a nurse.  I see another nurse sitting and the Dr introduces them all.  I know at this stage this is not good news they are giving me.

I get told yes its cancer however they have got it early and its very small.  After balling my eyes out the nurses take my sister and I into another room and explain everything to us.  The plan of attack.  I would have a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.  My sister rings my husband to tell him after getting leaflets booklets to explain everything about breast cancer an appointment for an ultrasound to check the cancer hadn’t spread to my liver and a chest x-ray to check it wasn’t in my lungs. I leave the hospital and go home to face what lies ahead of me!








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